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  • Q: Hi, I got a pair of dog tags from you I'm very happy with. Now you have screen accurate dog tags and I'm interested. I want to know if the new ones come with the same chain as the old ones, or a slimmer one. But for those the hole would be to big, or not? is the picture you currently have on your homepage one of the new or the old ones? To see the chain, tag ratio.

    A: The Screen Accurate Dog Tags come with a thinner chain. It is 3/32 or 2.38mm. Its length is 27 inches or 68.58 cm. The hole and the dog tags are proportionally 30% smaller. The picture and our sample pair are current. 
  • Q: How are your dog tags different than your competitions.

    A: Unlike our competition who mass produce their dog tags, we put a lot of TLC into each set which are individually crafted. We've been told that our competition punch the graphic and lightly engrave the predetermined number. This causes two major problems. One: Their dog tag composition is not uniform or clean. Two: Their lettering will actually rub off since the engraving is so light. Once gone you can't fix it! On the other hand our graphic and alphanumeric details are engraved well below the surface creating a crisp uniform dog tag. The deeper engraving also protects the paint from rubbing off. In the unlikely event it does come off ours are repairable. We at Galron have gone to great lengths to give you the highest quality dog tags possible, as a result we improve our dog tags whenever possible. If you have any suggestions for our dog tags please send them to 

  • Q: What's the difference between the 1/8 and 1/16 dog tags.

    A: The 1/8 dog tags are twice as thick as the 1/16 dog tags. The 1/8 dog tags are considered more accurate, "suitable for a warrior". The 1/6 dog tags were designed for a comfortable light fit as some feel dog tags should be more like jewlery. Since they are half the thickness and weight they are much less likely to be noticed while wearing.  
  • Q: What do people usually get as the numbers under the name? What do they represent?

    A: People usually get their service number from the Colonial Fleet in either of two formats or their birth date. Often couples get the date they met. Some choose to forgo the format and create unique dog tags like VIOLET WYNTER or M.E.R. ser 111290 or simply RAZOR. Some get the military service number of a loved one. In a nutshell people get something which is significant weather their dog tags conform to the format or not